Gdansk 2

Once upon a time in the Trójmiasto…

Have you ever heard about Polish Tricity? Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot are three main cities near by Baltic Sea and all together forming a metropolitan area called the Tricity or The Triple City. So once upon a time I had a chance to visit that beautiful part of the beautiful country and discover its unique architecture, cozy streets, nice beaches and amazing atmosphere… I can surely say that my trip to Poland would be incomplete without my visit to the Tricity or as Poles call it Trójmiasto! Continue reading


The Power of #ElectricYerevan.

The “Electric” center of Yerevan is currently at Baghramyan Avenue! It’s been almost a week since the protests began after the decision by the state utilities commission to increase electricity tariffs from the beginning of August by more than 16%.
The situation escalated when police used water cannons to disperse the crowd in the early hours of the 23 June.
But that action only did motivate the protestants Continue reading


9 Unpredictable Rooftop Views of the world!

It is so exciting to explore a new city during the traveling. Find out streets, interesting points, famous squares, historical places, cozy cafes, open markets and some hidden really local parts: be totally lost as a tourist, but feel totally welcomed as a wanderer by that atmosphere. Each of us had that amazing feeling at least once and nothing can describe that euphoria better, than words of Bill Bryson: Continue reading


8 Wonders of Lodz!

Have you ever considered visiting Lodz? In case, you don’t know, Lodz is the third biggest city of Poland, which is situated in the center of the country and it is quite close to Warsaw. Within one hour you can easily get there from Warsaw by train. It might sound funny and maybe even weird, but most of Poles call it “the ugliest city” of Poland. I can get the point, compare it to more attractive and historical places of the country, but I would never call it ugly. Lodz is a city with a special charisma. If you prefer typical touristic atmosphere, comfort and luxury – then you should forget about Lodz, it won’t be attractive to you.
Although it is not very touristic destination, I would definitely advise you to go there  if you are interested in the following: Continue reading